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About Us

About Us

Building the Mall of the SPL Coin

The development of the SPL Coin Market Place will be performed through an advanced electronic platform acting as a supermarket with e-shops-in-a shop of all SPL Coin holders (regardless whether they are Coops or not). All transactions within such a Market Place will be performed through SPL Coins, whilst the hosting and management of these transactions will be offered for free. Such a tool will act as the link of all SPL Coin holders with enterprises and coops accepting transactions through SPL Coins and will boost all of the aforementioned financial areas of introduction and distribution of such SPL Coins with obvious benefits to all holders.

SPL Coin in Coops and Enterprises

Since the financial crisis of 2010 and the refugee crisis followed, a new strong Economic Sector has risen in Greece based on Solidarity services to vulnerable social groups. As a result of such a trend, a new Act (4430/2016) is aiming to boost the social economy based on coops.

Coops are interested in introducing and accepting Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency concept in order to support their financing and capital development, as their main alternative way of transactions within the sector. Obviously any coop’s or their Unions mining activity will not be easily accepted as development grows. The use of SPL Coin for such a solidarity purpose is expected to keep its demand in high levels. Nevertheless, the use of SPL Coins for B2B purposes will not be allowed unless the other trading part is a coop. The procedure of buying/selling such SPL Coins will be performed through Exchange Centers and through Credit Unions of Social Economy coops.

Benefits offered to all key players in this application are:

  • B2B transactions within the Social Sector.
  • Maximum transparency of the services or goods offered to local communities as a social back.
  • Lower costs and fast transactions.
  • Strong interest of coops to introduce their Credit Unions exchanging their SPL Coins with FIAT currencies for any loan or any need of credit.
  • The State will not have the ability to take part on the above mentioned as tax will be collected through Exchange Centers (as a percentage of the value added-price lift) when turning SPL Coins to a FIAT currency.

For any questions or for further information about Socialpolis Mall, please do not hesitate to contact with us in the following email or leave a message in the contact us form.

Email: info@socialpolis.io

Presentation of SPL coin: